What are some cool things to google.?

Answer Try Googlewhacking. You type an uncommon two-word entry and try to get as little results as possible [1 result being the true googlewhack]. The words must be found in a dictionary. Here's one that ... Read More »

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How do i delete the things i looked up on google- google images?……

Cool Things to Pin on a Bag?

Sometimes all you need is a simple handbag, but there's nothing wrong with shaking it up a bit. Make a plain old bag really stand out by adding a few, easy-to-apply accessories. Best of all, if y... Read More »

Cool things to do when you're stoned?

Play on yahoo answers.Color.Organize your room.Make awesome stoner mealsGo grocery shopping. Watch funny @ss movies. Have sex. Look up funny sh*t on you tube. LIKE :Epic Rap Battles of HistoryFluff... Read More »

How to Do Cool Things With Your Hair?

A person can represent and show off her unique personal style in many ways. One of these ways is through her hair. How well you take care of your hair or change your hairstyle can make a big differ... Read More »