What are some cool gadgets that are out or coming out soon?

Answer I just bought my boyfriend a Logitech Harmony 1100You should check it out. It is on the Best Buy website, or go to the Logitech website.(Touch Screen Universal Remote.) Just another gadget to make... Read More »

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What are 4 changes that will be coming soon to the iPad 2?

Hey, can anybody say me some books which tell you how to make some gadgets or some electronic stuff?

How about QST magazine?Or back issues of Radio-Electronics and Popular-Electronics.

If you are 35 weeks pregnant and have been have irregular contractions and increased mucus for the past few days does that mean that labor is coming soon?

it sounds like pre-labor to me. It could mean it is close or your body could just be preparing for the weeks ahead. if your baby is born at 35 weeks it will be totally fine and healthy.

Im turning 15 soon, what are some companys that hire 15 year olds?

restaurants will be your best bet. How about helping to deliver the yellow pages to homes and businesses? Babysitting. Do you have any skills like doing nails or hair? Hopwefully this will help... Read More »