What are some cool food challenges?

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I just got some cool stuff at the Asian food market, can anyone help with some good (relatively easy) recipes?

I would suggest a soup using miso, some of the seaweed pieces and tofu chunks. Of course you would need miso soup stuff. Otherwise you might be able to get away with vegetable broth (canned or ho... Read More »

What Are Some Science Challenges for Kids?

Household items can become science challenges that will excite the imagination. Under the instructive eye of a parent, an at-home experiment will impart some basic scientific facts to a child. Chem... Read More »

What was some of the challenges of square foot gardening?

Hello,and congratulations it is an excellent idea to start a square foot garden. Depending how big you want to make your garden I strongly suggest you put some solid boundaries between your squares... Read More »

What were some of Mae Jemison's challenges in the NASA?