What are some common garden plants in Saudi Arabia?

Answer See the related link: One the left hand side of the web page you can list ornimental (exotic species) as well as indigenous or endemic plant species i

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Saudi Arabia Desert Plants?

To many the word desert is synonymous with barren and desolate; an assessment that couldn't be further from the truth. From the migratory Bedouin people to a slew of birds, reptiles and small mamma... Read More »

How much is iphone4 in Saudi Arabia?

theres an app called app backup you have to do research on it because my dad hacked mine ipod

Would the iPhone 3g come to Saudi Arabia?

It's already here it's provided by Mobily Telecommunication they are offering the new generation of IPhone

What is the culture of saudi arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a closed society centered around very conservative Wahhabi Islamic principles based on strict interpretations of the Qu'ran, Islam's holy book. But unlike other Middle Eastern count... Read More »