Why have i been feeling very pregnant lately howeverI took a preg test and it came up negative however I still have all the signs that i am very pregnant. help please?

Answer Answer go see a doctor is my advice!and do another pregnancy test

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What are the most common signs of pregnancy?

A missed period is the most common, breast tenderness, fatigue, dizzy spells, nausea & vomiting, cramping, spotting, backache.

What are some common signs of labor?

there are alot of different signs of labor. the obvious ones would be the breaking of your water and the "bloody show". If you do not know what the bloody show is it's simply a mucus plug that has... Read More »

How to Conceal the Common Signs of Aging?

While we all like to think we look young, mother nature has other plans for our appearance. As we age, our skin changes. Laugh marks around our eyes, age spots on our skin, wrinkles around the mout... Read More »

How to Conceal Common Signs of Aging?

Many common signs of aging begin to show on our faces as we age. Do not grow old gracefully--fight signs of aging with every weapon possible. Conceal crows feet, smile lines, sun spots and broken b... Read More »