First Signs That an English Bulldog Is Pregnant?

Answer Initial signs of English bulldog pregnancy are scant, particularly during the days and weeks immediately following conception. However, certain behavioral and attitudinal changes might reveal if sh... Read More »

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What are some common signs of labor?

there are alot of different signs of labor. the obvious ones would be the breaking of your water and the "bloody show". If you do not know what the bloody show is it's simply a mucus plug that has... Read More »

If one of the first signs of pregnancy is a lot of creamy discharge can you still be pregnant without that symptom?

Answer It is possible yes or you may simply be ovulating or have a yeast infection.

What are some of the 1st signs that your computer has seen better days?

What are some signs that one of your co-workers is going through menopause?

C'mon... I mean SERIOUSLY!!! This is a JOKE question!!!!! J-O-K-E!!! Geeeeeez :LAnyway, with that out of the way, lets move onto something more important. Like answering your question. He/she might... Read More »