What can you do to bring some cheer to an 86 year old depressed person?

Answer Visit the person regularly, perhaps once week, and spend some time with them doing something like reading to them or playing a board game. Or maybe you could enjoy a meal together, or go out to se... Read More »

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The Classroom Use of Chants to Teach Intonation?

Intonation, or the use of pitch when speaking, is an important skill to possess when speaking a language. Pitch is the raising and lowering of the voice, so when and how you use pitch while talking... Read More »

School Games With Chants & Songs?

When kids have a break from learning inside the classroom, they want to release energy and have fun with their friends. Some of the most entertaining and popular games during school involve singin... Read More »

What is in Cheer detergent?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Cheer laundry detergent is made from: sodium sulfate anhydrous, sodium silicates, soil-suspending agents, complex sodium phosphates, s... Read More »

What song helps you cheer up?

Upbeat songs by Florence + the Machine like "Shake it out" "Cosmic Love""Dog Days Are Over"Idk why but they always put me in a better and happier mood :D