What are some cheap drinks that taste good and are good for you?

Answer water

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How to Make Cheap Wine Taste Good?

All of us do it at one time or another: purchase an inexpensive bottle of wine to serve at home or for a party. You pop the cork, take a tentative sip and wish you had spent a few more dollars to b... Read More »

Cheap Ways to Make Sulfur Water Taste Good?

Nothing is as quenching as a tall glass of water, but not if that water is contaminated with the taste and smell of rotten eggs. That distinctive and putrid aroma can be attributed to hydrogen sulf... Read More »

What is a good lounge in NYC, that has good music, and reasonable price for drinks, to go on Sunday night?

Nothing is affordable in New York,especially on a Sunday night in the summer.

What is a good liquor called that is girly and taste good but at the same time will you get you drunk?