What are some possible causes of a miscarriage?

Answer Yes it seems like it. I Googled "pregnancy after essure procedure" and there were quite many answers. You can do it too and read them yourself.

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Can some acne medications cause a miscarriage?

Dealing with acne during pregnancy can be a challenge, since some of the most popular treatments can put your baby at risk. Although several acne treatments can lead to birth defects, Accutane is t... Read More »

What are some causes of knee pain?

Well, sciatica is from the back down and it would be on one side of your body. If it's from the knee up then it may be one of the tendons that runs from your hamstring to your knee. Also, if you ... Read More »

What are some causes of bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness marked by periods of mania, or very high energy and activity level, and depression, which is a severely lowered mood. A number of different factors may contribu... Read More »

What are some causes of child abuse?

Some causes are depression, the child being scarred for life and the child being very insecure and self-conscious.