How to Maximize Fat Burning During Cardio Workouts?

Answer Exercise comes in a variety of shapes and forms. Different exercises are designed to achieve different results. From stretching to strengthening to fat burning, there are dozens of different exerci... Read More »

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At 39, if I kept doing my usual workouts (mix of cardio, freeweights and machines) BUT added steroids...?

Eddie, DO NOT even let that question pass your lips! My ex husband was a "lift" fanatic. He looked mighty fine. He "tried" steroids for a month. The "bulk" he took on was unbelievable. It also... Read More »

Should i do cardio or not?

Your somatype has nothing to do with your metabolism. And all healthy people should get some kind of regular aerobic activity whether it's exercise or sport or dancing or whatever. If you're an ect... Read More »

Is it bad to not do a lot of cardio in a work out?

Cardio is mainly used for losing weight,depending on what your goal is it depends,if your skinny and trying to build muscle it's not really important,but if your fat and trying to trim that fat and... Read More »

Is kickboxing cardio?

Kickboxing is considered cardio, meaning a workout will improve your cardiovascular system. Kickboxing classes often include kicking, punching, jumping, bobbing and weaving, all of which keeps your... Read More »