What are some brands of toothpastes that don't contain fluoride?

Answer All of the Toddler training toothpastes are fluoride free. They are effective at cleaning the teeth without fluoride. If you're looking for adult brands without fluoride, I would check places like ... Read More »

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What bottled water brands DO contain fluoride?

NONE ZERO ZIP nada zilch !Btteled water is simply purified water from boiling or filtering with no chemicals added !Flouride is only found in your tap water ! OR in mouth wash or toothpaste !

What good make up brands dont test on animals?…These are all the companies that do not test on animals.Here's another link with some companies that do test and more that don't test.http://en.allexperts... Read More »

Why is calcium fluoride have a smaller boiling point then magnesium fluoride?

The calcium ion is larger than the magnesium ion and so the charge on it is less dense.This makes it less attracted to the fluoride ions

Do you notice any difference with salon brands vs. store brands of hair products?

Pantene ROCKS. I love it. I have used goldwell, joico and a few other salon brands and I think out of them all pantene is the best for my hair, but hairdressers say it is bad and wrecks your hair f... Read More »