What Are Some "BRAND NEW" Songs Out Right Now?

Answer To look up fairly new songs, I go to iTunes, and go to the New Releases in the store section. You can also visit this site:

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What are some good breakup songs or lonley songs?

well if your looking for happy ones"Happy Breakup Song" - NOFX"Jaked On Green Beers" - Alkaline Trio"Happy" - Goldfinger"What's My Age Again" - Blink 182"Think of Me"- The Eyelinersand if your look... Read More »

What are some Trendy new songs like the ones from 90210, Gossip Girl and Popular songs to add to my ipod?

I like your taste.Try artists like Rihanna (I Love the song 'Live Your Life')Colbie Caillat (Her song Magic was featured on Gossip Girl) A Rocket To The MoonChristina Aguleria (New Album)Britney Sp... Read More »

What songs are there that contain some barre and some open chords (acoustic)?

"Hey There Delilah" Has open & barre chords. It has a D & an F# minor in the verse mostly. And a B minor too. You don't even have to pick it. Some people I know strum it.

What are some topics to write some songs about?

Peace.Caring for your kids.the ups and downs of your relationship with your significant other.Names you would want to name your kids.Peace.