What are some birthday activities and food to have at a 3 yr. olds birthday party?

Answer Activities::::::::::::::::::::1. color,paint,or make doorhangers.2. you can get a clown for entertainment 3. face painting4. jump rope or sportsFoods:::::::::::::::::::::1. sandwiches2. pasta3. piz... Read More »

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What are good ideas for a 3 year olds birthday party food?

Pizza, meatballs or roast beef in crock pot w/ sandwich rolls. side salad, veggies tray, chips and salsa, strombolli, fruit platter. I have had parties and make table w/ bagged kids for however ma... Read More »

Do I need to serve food (other than cake & ice cream) at my 3 year olds birthday party?

I would have pizza delivered and order enough for the parents too.

Birthday party, Twilight theme, Need ideas for food/decor/activities?

Sounds like a great idea! I, too am planning a twilight party and I've got some ideas:For food,-Mushroom Ravioli ( Bella has it at dinner with Edward)-Lasagna (Bella cooks it for Charlie)-There are... Read More »

What would you do for a 12 year olds birthday party?

There's lots you can do!You can do a spa party. Ask your mom or older sister/cousin/aunt if they will come and do your and your friends' hair, make-up, manicures and pedicures. If not, pair up and ... Read More »