What are some biased wikipedia articles?


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Am I allowed to translate wikipedia articles in order to make new wikipedia articles in my mother tongue?

Not only is that allowed, it's encouraged. Just be sure to cite the specific revision you've translated.

Some editors appear to own articles ... is this a major problem on Wikipedia?

tl;dr: When it happens, it's a large problem, but it doesn't happen much, and it's the question if you are actually encountering this problem.Wikipedia has a policy that nobody owns an article: ( h... Read More »

Are wikipedia articles cited by authorized personnels with expertise in related articles?

If I'm interpreting your question correctly, you're looking for academic and/or expert articles which cite Wikipedia. In that case, check out this (incomplete) list on Wikipedia:< http://en.wikiped... Read More »

Why is Wikipedia so useless and biased for controversial subject?

I'm convinced that the lizard-people who secretly control Wikipedia have "got it in" for those of us who think that Wikipedia is useless and biased for controversial subject, Woofs. Damn.Oh - and w... Read More »