What are some basics you need to know about buying a HDTV?

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What are the basics I must know about HDTV?

To start up, if you have ever heard of HDTV but had no idea what it actually is, this piece of writing is going to throw a lot more light about not just what HDTV is, but also how you can profit fr... Read More »

Buying a LCD HDTV, any help?

You are right for that price you are looking at about a 20000:1 contrast or less. 1" is not that big of a difference. Samsung tend to be rated better for quality of picture and life span. You ca... Read More »

Help with buying an HDTV?

Here is the scoop. I worked at Circuit city for about 2 years in the Tv department and I got this question alot. Im an expert at answering it :}. Here we go. The answer is yes. An Hdtv will look fa... Read More »

Can I buy a digital TV with out buying a HDTV?

The answer is absolutely YES! Any TV which has an ATSC tuner is a digital tuning television set. ATSC tuners tune digital channels 2-69 but display the channels in a dashed or decimal format su... Read More »