What are some bad-smelling flowers?

Answer There are many bad smelling flowers in the world. Some flowers don't smell at all.Here is a list of some bad smelling flowers:The orchids Bulbophyllum and PterostylisFlowers of carob trees (Ceraton... Read More »

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What are some of the best sweet, smelling flowers/plants to grow?

Some scents are spicy, some are sweet, some are kind of woody, everyone has different likes and dislikes. here is a short list off sweet smelling plants:Jasmine- yellow or pink, Iris's are absolut... Read More »

Foul-smelling flowers may be pollinated by what?

There are some foul-smelling flowers that smell like rotten meat. And what are attracted to rotten meat? Flies. Flies are everywhere and especially around dead animals that is rotten because rotten... Read More »

What is a mint with pleasant smelling leaves and light purple flowers?

Almost all of the mints I have in my garden ( 6 in all) have pleasant smelling leaves ( cat mint is a bit musky) and of those 4 have some shade of purple flowers, the other two are white and a pink... Read More »

What are some good ways to keep my bedroom smelling fresh and clean?

You know what? The first thing to do to keep your room tidy & clean and free from any bad odor is to clean yourself. Always start with yourself. Yo should have to write down your schedule, and it s... Read More »