What are some advantages of cactus?

Answer advantages of cactus is that they conserve water so you do not need to constantly water it every week or so and waste water.They are doing thi s in Las Vegas as they are having a water crisis

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What are some good flowering desert plants. Very hot & dry area. (no cactus please)?

I know what you want? Hot, dry is a few examples... leucophyllum, lavender. taxus, yew, achilles, yarrow, ceanothus, salavia (many types), rosemarinus officinalls, ... if I am on the ri... Read More »

What is this cactus Is it even a cactus?

I have the exact same succulent in my collection and it is not brown because of tap water, this is its natural color. The amount of brown may vary depending on the amount of sunlight (direct or ind... Read More »

What are some advantages of cancer?

You can follow your own path to overcoming cancer and not leave it in the hands of Western medicine. Western medicine approach is cut, slash and burn technique which is insane and diabolical to me.... Read More »

What are some advantages of adoption for a child?

i don,t know if state laws are different, but in my state if the father is alive he has to waive his parental rights if he has any. or if you can't get him to do that and you atleast want her lastn... Read More »