What are some advantages and disadvantages of a voice recorder?

Answer a disadvantage is that your voice always sounds different and you wonder if it's advantage is that you could use it as a memo.

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What Are Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Voice Over Internet Protocol?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP allows users to make phone calls with a high-speed broadband connection instead of using a traditional phone line. Consumers that wish to switch over to a VoIP ... Read More »

Is there a cigar like voice recorder?

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Which is the best voice (audio) recorder ?

i recommend the professional Olympus Digital Recorders, you can buy a lot from ebay, like: VN5500PC

Digital Voice Recorder?

I have two digital voice recorders and they retain the audio even if the batteries were dead. I misplaced one voice recorder for three years and the batteries were completely dead. I put in new bat... Read More »