What are Latin Positive Adjectives?

Answer There are three types of Latin adjectives: positive, comparative and superlative. In Latin, a positive adjective is the regular form of the adjective. For example, "good," "tall" and "ugly" are al... Read More »

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Degrees of Adjectives?

The degrees of adjectives allow us to express comparisons between two or more things. Although people easily use adjective degrees in everyday conversation, the degrees can get a little more compli... Read More »

How to Use Adjectives in Spanish?

With relatively straight-forward spelling and grammatical rules, Spanish is one of the easier foreign languages to learn. But if you want to go beyond just making yourself understood and aim for cl... Read More »

How to Use I Spy to Teach Adjectives?

The game "I Spy" offers children a chance to work on picking highly descriptive adjectives for a single object. The adjective must describe the object well enough that other players are able to gue... Read More »

How to Use Adjectives Vs. Adverbs?

When to use adjectives and when to use adverbs. Both are describing words, but adverbs modify verbs and adjectives modify nouns.