What are some activities, or crafts that you can do with rocks?

Answer 1.)Stone sculptures...glue together to create sculptures2.)Large stones can be painted on with just fine brushes and water. Water dries and the stone is ready for another design.3.)Sorting games an... Read More »

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What are some high school activities that can help with photography?

Some schools have a photography club and/or a school newspaper where they need someone to take pictures. Talk to your local town newspaper and see if they want pictures of your schools sporting eve... Read More »

What Are Some Crafts for Preschool Kids That Involve Bears?

If your preschool class is planning a thematic unit on bears or teddy bears, you may need some help with appropriate craft projects. You should keep crafts for preschoolers relatively simple but en... Read More »

How to Do Crafts Activities That Teach Kids to Think?

When doing crafts often the child has to copy an adult model. There is a way for the child to do crafts herself that actually makes her think and solve problems. Let's use paper bag puppets as an e... Read More »

DAYCARE-I am looking for some fun, unique crafts that I can help 6-12 mo. babies do for Valentine's Day?

Isn't 6 months old a little young from crafts?I suggest finger paints but you'll need plenty of patience.