What are some Tumblr's like justgirlythings?

Answer Hey!There aren't any. Each Tumblr blog is unique in their own way. However, if you want to search similar pages like that, you can search it on Tumblr with their name, or you can look at their foll... Read More »

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I have 2 Tumblrs with a combined 37,000+ followers. How do I go about selling them?

I would so rage if someone did that to a blog that I followed.

What type of ice cream do you like most is it with some more chocolate or with some yummy Vanilla?

I prefer chocolate over vanilla but I love this Weight Watcher's brand of ice cream (can't find the flavour in any other brand) which is chocolate-raspberry. It's rich (without being over the top) ... Read More »

What are some good site/programs that i can get free music, like limewire, things like that?

SpiralFrog. It's free and legal

Why do some doctors or some nurses treat you like you're paperwork and a time window?

I know how you feel. It could be raining cats and dogs when I arrived for my medical appointment. I barely had my umbrella down and the front door shut, when the medical receptionist could be heard... Read More »