What are some Super Bowl party planning tips?

Answer The game is supposed to be the star attraction at any Super Bowl party. But you can't be assured that everyone in attendance at your Super Bowl party is a big fan, and you can't be sure the game wo... Read More »

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What are Some Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party Tips?

At many Super Bowl parties, adults aren't the only ones in attendance. Children are guests, as well. This is why your Super Bowl party should be as kid-friendly as possible. Creating a safe and fes... Read More »

What are some Super Bowl party game ideas?

If you are throwing a Super Bowl party, don't rely on the big show to keep everyone entertained. To set the mood before the game and in between plays, try some fun Super Bowl party games.Super Bowl... Read More »

I'm hosting a Super Bowl party today for a group of my closest atheist friends. What would be some good ...?

I' m assuming this one is BYOB, eh, ((((Olga)))?And by B, I don't mean Bible...

What are good foods for a super bowl party?

Potato ChipsTortilla ChipsDoritosFrench Onion DipRanch DipSalsaChili Cheese DipPizzaSubsLil SmokiesPotato SkinsQuesadillasChicken NuggetsNachosVeggie TrayMeat and Cheese TrayTaquitosMini TacosBBQ M... Read More »