What film did Tom Petty found time to act alongside Kevin Costner?

Answer The Postman

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Kevin costner or mel gibson?

Kevin Costner - Wyatt earp - Wrong Role?

First, as a history buff I have to disagree to with Mark. Wyatt Earp - like him or abhorrence him - was rough. His desired way of commencing with trouble architects was to walk up to them and buffa... Read More »

What are some good or some of your favorite Warner Brothers movies?

Warner Bros. AnimationI provided a link to the wikipedia page with the list of animated movies produced by Warner Brothers

Why do some DVD players seem to play movies dark and some light?

The answer will be very geeky, but bare with me.There are two levels of black:7.5 IRE used in ALL composite and S-Video (in North America) and SOME interlaced component video signalsand 0 IRE, used... Read More »