What are some Japanese food stores online?

Answer Hey, we have the same name! :)Anyways, I just found this one today and it looks pretty trustworthy. know also sells some Japanese foods, but mostly just ... Read More »

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Simple Japanese cooking I'd love to cook Japanese food and their are asian stores/international market around?

Stock soy sauce, sugar, sake and mirin (which is just a sweet sake, so you can substitute sake and sugar) in your shelf all the time because these four ingredients are indispensable for Japanese c... Read More »

Any good places to buy Japanese food online?

My wife buys Japanese and Asian groceries online all the time. She loves cooking asian food for the kids. We are in the same siutation as you, no asian stores nearby. So we always order from http:/... Read More »

Does anyone know where I can find Japanese candy in stores?

You might be able to find some at World Market stores.

Mexican food vs japanese food?

As I posted on my Facebook profile update earlier this week: (copied and pasted)"I think Chicken, Spaghetti, beef, vegetables, pork, fish, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Portuguese, Asian, African, Can... Read More »