Is it true that some cheeses aren't Halal ?

Answer the production of cheese requires the use of enzymes to coagulate or curdle the milk and the addition of other ingredients for various functions. The enzymes can be derived from animal, vegetable, ... Read More »

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What some common Italian snacks?

CazzilliSicilian potato fritters that closely resemble fritters both Moroccan and Genoese. From my review of Anissa Helou's Mediterranean Street FoodFocaccia col Formaggio Cheese-filled focaccia is... Read More »

What are some ideas for Italian kids food?

Fried Calamari with Spicy Marinara Sauce is good.

Besides Pizza what are some delicious Italian dishes?

Authentic:OctopusBraised rabbitlambSeveral fish dishesOysters with garlic, lemons and oilSea urchinsPasta is a side dish, not a main.The story of pizza: It was sent as a gift to Spain from Italia, ... Read More »

Can someone recommend me some Italian movies please?

"Le conseguenze dell'amore" (the consequences of love) by Paolo Sorrentino…"L'amico di famiglia" (the family friend) by... Read More »