What are some Differences in childbirth in America and Ethiopia?

Answer Childbirth in America is usually in a hospital, unlike Ethiopia. But the way childbirth is done in both countries is the same

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Differences in attitudes to childbirth?

Oh, good question.You might like the movie trailer here:'m in Canada, which is in between the US and UK on loads of things, childbirth included. I'm frustrated by ... Read More »

What are some folk remedies to hasten childbirth?

Having sex can help bring on labor. Walk aroundCastor oil, swalloed, yucky, but supposedly works. Raspberry tea and sex are other "remedies" to bring on labor.Nipple Stimuation is another "remedy.... Read More »

Why some pregnant women have fear of childbirth?

PAIN!Complications that can hurt baby or motherPressure to have and not have natural births (ie no pain relief)Fear of Casaerians, fear of not getting oneFear of appearing to wet themselves in publ... Read More »

What Are Some Differences Between a Bird & a Bat?

Birds and bats fly, but they are very different animals. Indeed, their wings are the only real similarity between them. While some species of birds share some characteristics with bats (such as owl... Read More »