What are some CARDIO things i can do to burn mega fat?

Answer Start with walking, build up to jogging. Jogging burns lots of calories.Just realize that you can't burn away a lot of fat FAST -- it will take time. So be patient and KEEP AT IT and you will see... Read More »

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How much cardio is necessary to burn fat?

Your body is actually burning fat for calories all the time so it's not really a question of how much cardio is needed to burn fat. The real question is how much cardio is needed for maximum fat bu... Read More »

Does cardio help burn fat all over your body?

Fat loss is not specific to the region of the muscles that are active. Or in other words, picking a spot for fat loss and exercising that area does not work. But that also means that cardio can hel... Read More »

Is it wierd that i like to burn things?

As long as you don't start a fire you can burn whatever your little heart desires.

What's the best way to treat a burn with things one has at home?

its a bit late, you should get water on a burn straight away. Water still might make it feel better though, wrap it in a cool rag. not ice though.