What are some good questions to ask a daycare?

Answer What is the curriculum?What kind of discipline do they use?Do they charge you when you're on vacation?What is the sick policy for children?This one may sound stupid...but ...How do they screen thei... Read More »

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What are some job interview questions at a daycare?

- Are you familiar with our centre's philosophy? - How would you handle conflict in the classroom?- One child hits another on the head with a car--step by step how would you handle this situation?-... Read More »

What are some questions you skip in the ttc board?

Here are the questions I skip:1. Anything involving charting where there is no chart. I can't be sifting through large lists of numbers, random dates that people BD, lengths of cycles where there i... Read More »

What Are Some Questions About Claustrophobia?

Medical News Today defines claustrophobia as an "anxiety disorder in which someone has an intense and irrational fear of confined and enclosed spaces." A closer look at claustrophobia raises many q... Read More »

What are some good game show questions?

To find out go into the nearest basement and look under the carpet. Pick up the map and go to shop-rite and ask for Carl. Then Carl will show you diamonds you take them and go to South America and ... Read More »