What are some American taboos?

Answer U.S. society harbors some unique taboos. These stem from many long-held beliefs and range from puritanical attitudes toward social and sexual behavior, to a deep respect for horses and pets, to rec... Read More »

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What are some South American herbs?

What are some ideas for an American Idol party?

Make a red carpet with red LAMINATED paper(it might get wet if it's rainy, snowy, etc.) and have the guests wear fancy clothes like dresses and dress pants & ties (but have them bring a change of c... Read More »

What are some American candies that are popular in the UK?

Reece's Cups are popular but can be difficult to find - also Mike 'n' Ike candy, LifeSavers and Tootsie Roll have always gone down well with friends when I've brought them back from the States :)

What are some truly South American dishes?……http://southamericanfood.about.... Read More »