What are sites that are like facebook but are safe for 11 or 12 year olds?

Answer neopets.combut kids that age shouldn't have a social networking site, they're young, let them go play with other people. and i didn't get a myspace till i was a freshman in high school and i got a ... Read More »

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Is facebook safe for 10 year olds?

lol @ all the people who are religious with believing everything the media says..Oh" I heard on the news there was pedophiles all over Myspace and Facebook blah blah blah" lolGet real people, soci... Read More »

Can someone give me some good sites on party planning for 5 year olds?………Hope these help.

Should 11 year olds have a facebook?

if all his mates r on it yeah let him go for it but u shud have the password as well and monitor him on it and he shudnt be allowed on it without asking u first each time, my bro is going on 14 and... Read More »

Are Four Wheelers Safe For 8 Year Olds?

No.But a Karting is if you supervise him when he uses it.I used to drive kartings when I was that age and even younger.They are a lot of fun!!!