What two sun signs are the most powerful love match?

Answer For over 5,000 years, astrologers have looked to the heavens to make sense out of life. They believe that the movements of the stars affect human affairs on earth. Astrologers group various star cl... Read More »

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How to Make Live Laugh Love Signs?

One way to add some light-hearted, inspirational personality to your home is to hang a "Live, Laugh, Love" sign where it can be enjoyed by all residents and visitors. Many styles of these particula... Read More »

What do you do most when youre STRESS?

I take a nap or just listen to myself breathe listen to music or just watch tv I also like to read novels or maybe manga or a gossip magazine

What is youre favorite movie of all times?

Shawshank Redemption- it is very subtle and speaks a lot about the that time period. The characters are very well acted out too. The ending is unexpected.

WHAT are the symptoms while youre having a heart attack?

The American Heart Association and other medical experts say the body likely will send one or more of these warning signals of a heart attack: * Uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing or pa... Read More »