What signs show that someone is suffering from heat stroke?

Answer really? you couldn't just google heat stroke?

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When you know someone is dying, what signs are there that it won't be long?

Oh Wendy Jean - I really do fee your sadness. Yes, it won't be long now before your Granddaddy is in heaven. The appetite going is one of the first big indicators that the end is close. He will ... Read More »

What to do when you think someone is lying?

Have been on often enough to see this liar.Call them out on their lies or just ignore them.Liars annoy me, I don't mind when ppl post an obvious joke of a question but when they lie about something... Read More »

Have you ever had someone tell you they have cancer when you know that they are lying?

YES,one too many.However a couple of those believed it,but would not seek Professional opinions and treatment,and i know of one case were a fraud in general used a child's affliction to benefit th... Read More »

How do you convince your mom that your not cutting yourself Someone at school says I am and she told the office but shes lying and my mom believes the office?

Answer Unfortunately, for whatever reason, your mother has chosen to believe the office instead of you. Even if you've had a history of cutting, the focus should be that you're not cutting yo... Read More »