What are signs that my computer is being hacked?

Answer The following are the signs.Exceptionally slow network activity, disconnection from network service or unusual network traffic. A system alarm or similar indication from an intrusion detection tool... Read More »

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Signs your iPhone 4 is hacked?

that is one symptom of being hacked.Other symptoms include -sometimes it can be slow-sometimes things you didnt want to open, get opened.-your phone rings at in-opportune times-you have an apps tha... Read More »

Camera on computer was hacked into taking photos of person using computer, how to trace them?

It's a virus :/ get NORTON VIRUS (software) and do a virus scan. The virus will be detected simply right click and remove it... Also empty your trash... Happens to me often... Also change all passw... Read More »

Did my computer get hacked?

Wait until your scans are done, if they are clean then shut your computer down, unplug power for 5 minutes then reboot.You did not say whether your computer had built in video, if you do then that ... Read More »

How Would Know If Someone HACKED into your Computer?

well if someone hacked you good then you wouldnt really know it has happened unless someone wanted to just play a trick on you or cause your computer harm then you will notice it behaving in a stra... Read More »