I have strep throat. My boyfriend said sperm will eat the strep and make me feel better. Is it true?

Answer These people are totally ignorant, especially the chick that claims she is married to a doctor, I seriously doubt his jaw hit the floor, unless he is double jointed, which brings me to this questi... Read More »

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How can you tell the difference between strep throat and just a regular soar throat?

In my experience....Strep was accompanied by flu like symptoms (fever, achiness)and I would get white spots on the back of my throat. And it would feel like my throat was swelling shut.And a sore ... Read More »

My throat has been KILLING me for 2 days, how do i know if i need my tonsils out, or if i have strep throat?

Strep Throat SymptomsThe infection with strep bacteria causes symptoms within 1-3 days. You may develop a red throat with white patches. The tonsils are red and enlarged. There may be specks of pus... Read More »

Might have strep throat?

sounds like a bad cold. Check the inside of your throat for white patches, that is a sign of strep. Also you will have a fever of 100-102 with strep. Good luck and feel better!!

Could we have strep throat?

Danielle, chances are over 95% that all of you folks have a virus upper respiratory infection, and less than 5% chance of Strep. The smartest thing to do and ONLY WAY to know is to visit a health ... Read More »