What are signs of stillborn?

Answer Abdomen is not enlarging, no fetal heart tone, no fetal movements and etc.

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Naming a Stillborn Child + help me name my possibly stillborn triplets.?

how about Charity? thats my name and when people hear that their like "what" and then they say they love my nameits unique and it means giving.My middle name is Marieand my confirmation name is The... Read More »

What can cause twins to be stillborn after the first trimester and will there by any type of signs so you will know that your babies are still born?

Answerwhen said will you know babies are still born and gone is not correct. Stillborn is when you have carried a baby and the baby has died, and you still have to give birth. STILLBORN, STILLBIRTH... Read More »

What happens to a stillborn baby?

In the Catholic Church it is considered a human soul and it is baptized and given a name. The tiny body is given a funeral and buried in a suitably sized casket. I would assume, it is dressed. The ... Read More »

What happens to twin stillborn babies and the mother directly after birth?

It is likely the babies will be wrapped up in shrouds and the parents allowed to see and hold their children if this is what they wish for. The mother will have to deliver the placenta (afterbirth)... Read More »