What are signs of diabetes.. it runs in the family..?

Answer Another symptom that someone may notice in you is your breath. It may smell fruity. If someone says hey your breath is fruity like. Then that's a sign.My mom a registered nurse for over 30 years ... Read More »

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How can I prevent myself from getting diabetes which runs in my family?

Okay, you want the best chance to avoid diabetes? No problem... don't be fooled (like I was) that sugar causes diabetes... it doesn't. Since you have the genetic predisposition for diabetes, the be... Read More »

How does Diabetes hurt the skin & what are the signs of Diabetes?

A lot of times certain diabetic medicines make your skin more susceptible to burns when being in the sun, and when your diabetic it takes a lot longer for your blood to clot when you get a scratch ... Read More »

What is the percentage of me getting diabetes, im 14. gonna turn 15 soon. none of my family has diabetes.?

Don't be stupid. "Too much sweet drinks" doesn't cause diabetes, moron

Who runs ABC family?

I think it is TL Forsberg. She was also in See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary