What are signs of a broken rib?

Answer "You'll suffer pain, especially when taking a breath. Other symptoms are tenderness and shallow breathing. You may feel as though you have to hold your chest to relieve the pain. There may be bruis... Read More »

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What would be the signs of a broken leg?

See the doctor as soon as possible. It's hard to tell but it very well could be fractured. Play it safe with this one.

Signs That Your Car Thermostat Is Broken?

A car's thermostat allows coolant to enter the engine when the engine reaches normal operating temperature. The thermostat also allows warm coolant to enter the heater core, which allows the car's ... Read More »

What are the signs of a broken finger?

I have broken 1 finger and have jammed fingers hundreds of times. Trust me, you will know the dif.Purple, unable to move, swelling, and looking crooked.If you aren't sure, get an xray.

Signs of a Broken Car Shock?

Shock absorbers are designed to keep the wheels of a vehicle in constant contact with the ground, no matter how bumpy the road. The shock absorbers are filled with a hydraulic fluid, which moves th... Read More »