How does Diabetes hurt the skin & what are the signs of Diabetes?

Answer A lot of times certain diabetic medicines make your skin more susceptible to burns when being in the sun, and when your diabetic it takes a lot longer for your blood to clot when you get a scratch ... Read More »

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Are these signs of diabetes?

This is so weird, because I have been experiencing the same thing! But I'm also tired all the time, and I feel sick pretty much non-stop, although I have short bursts where I'm happy and nothing's ... Read More »

What are the signs of diabetes?

See a doctor as soon as possible and find out for sure.Tell them you want them to run an A1C test on you and not the fasting,this will tell you for sure if you have diabetes and you don't have to f... Read More »

Do I have signs of early diabetes and what do I do?

No. It's your body working at digesting your food.

Can I Reverse/Rid myself of signs of Diabetes?

You'll always have diabetes. You can't reverse pre-diabetes and you can't reverse diabetes because they result from a permanent impairment of your glucose metabolism. That being said, blood sugar t... Read More »