What are side affects of taking black currant oil?

Answer A very very lose stole. Stay near a toilet.

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The Side Effects of Black Currant Seed Oil?

Native to Europe and parts of Asia, some traditional herbalists believe that black currant increases urine flow and promotes sweating, according to the Wellness website. The extract is made by boil... Read More »

What are the side affects for taking Cipro 500mg?

Nothing. We prescribed Cipro to pregnant women all the time. Answer Speak to your doctor about this.

Does anyone know anyone taking 1000 mg metformin twice a day Sounds like a lot to me. What side affects?

I don't know anyone taking that dose.My father used to take that dose, he was a non-compliant diabetic, but he died earlier this year, from the complications caused by being a non-compliant diabeti... Read More »

What kind of side affects does depakote have on a 6 year old that is taking it?

Depakote (aka - divalproex) is used in the pediatric population as an anti-seizure or a mood stabilizer medication. Its most common side-effects are: dizziness, headache, nausea, sleepiness, and li... Read More »