What are the side effects of stopping birth control?

Answer The birth control pill delivers low doses of hormones to the body that stop ovulation and significantly lower the chances of becoming pregnant. Stopping the birth control pill allows the body's hor... Read More »

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A question about the side effects of birth control?

Hi Rachel - long time, no see. Yes, this can almost certainly be linked to your birth control pills. It also isn't really considered all that normal for it to be that extreme. I would call your doc... Read More »

Is depression a side effect of birth control?

On One Hand: It's a Side EffectDepression is a common side effect when using birth control that affects hormones. The makers of Yaz and other birth control pills list depression as one of the side ... Read More »

Are mood swings a side effect of birth control?

Hormonal birth controls such as birth control pills, injections and IUDs such as Mirena can produce mood swings as a side effect. Other types of birth control, such as barrier methods like condoms ... Read More »

Are increased veins a side effect of birth control?

Female steroidal hormones found in birth control, such as progesterone and estrogen, apply tension to vein walls and weaken them, leading to a potential increase of varicose veins in women.Source:E... Read More »