What are sheriff auctions?

Answer A sheriff's auction (also referred to as a "sheriff's sale") is a publicly held auction of foreclosed property conducted by a sheriff's department. This property is put up for auction when the home... Read More »

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Fundraising Tips for Live Auctions & Silent Auctions?

An auction is a good fundraising event because it brings in money for your cause at the same time that the bidder gets something in return. The most important advice when hosting an auction, either... Read More »

What is a sheriff sale?

A foreclosure occurs when an individual is unable to repay the money that they borrowed from a mortgage company or a bank. During the foreclosure process, the bank or mortgage company regains poss... Read More »

What license do you need to buy cars in auctions?

The general consensus is that a car dealer's license is required to buy cars at an auction, especially if that auction is an auction for dealers only. Every state has its own laws regarding the pur... Read More »

What Are the Duties of Sheriff in Michigan?

Elected for four-year terms, county sheriffs in Michigan are constitutionally responsible for a variety of tasks that go beyond their basic law enforcement powers. In Michigan, sheriffs are also re... Read More »