What are sheriff auctions?

Answer A sheriff's auction (also referred to as a "sheriff's sale") is a publicly held auction of foreclosed property conducted by a sheriff's department. This property is put up for auction when the home... Read More »

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Fundraising Tips for Live Auctions & Silent Auctions?

An auction is a good fundraising event because it brings in money for your cause at the same time that the bidder gets something in return. The most important advice when hosting an auction, either... Read More »

How do car auctions work?

Car auctions are a great place to locate affordable used vehicles at bargain prices. From totaled and salvage cars to impound and newly repossessed automobiles, car auctions boast amazing deals whe... Read More »

How to Buy at Online Auctions?

Buying at auction can be a thrill -- just don’t pay more than you have toThere are many things to keep in mind when buying at online auctions, particularly in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. ... Read More »

House Auctions Explained?

A housing auction is the sale of property through public, competitive bidding. Auctions are a quick way to sell real estate because the prospective buyers are prepared to purchase property that day.