What are 'shells' and how do they interact with each other?

Answer they don't. you use one or the other. typically it's from the *nix world (ksh, bash, csh, sh, rsh). I am probably missing some.the cmd shell one of the shells used in windows ( is ano... Read More »

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In criminal minds what is up with Morgan and garcia do they like each other?

Yes and no. Garcia and Morgan are best friends and flirt ALL THE TIME. They kiss on the cheek and Morgan Calls her baby and sugar all the time but they are not together yet.

Do all motorcycle drivers wave to each other when they pass each other how about Jeep wrangler drivers?

I've been riding since about 1973, so I have been around the block a time or two. I have had all sorts of bikes including Hardly Ablesons.I think that when there were fewer bikes on the road it was... Read More »

Can girls get pregnant when they have sex with each other?

What tv show featured guinea pigs in the late 70's where they drove miniature cars and talked to each other with human voice overs?

The show that you're thinking of is called "Once Upon a Hamster" 9282 The main character was GP and he spoke like W C Fields. Can't remember anythingelse but would also love to know! Amanda Syd... Read More »