What are sewage pumps?

Answer A sewage pump takes over when gravity is out of the equation. Most sewage systems rely on gravity to move solids and liquids down a line, but when it is not possible to install plumbing devices uph... Read More »

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What is the pump called that pumps sewage from a basement?

The pumps that remove waste and waste water from a basement pit and pump it out to the city sewer system or residential septic system are called sewage ejector; B... Read More »

Gas pump warning! HIV Positive needles are being placed on handles of gas pumps. Be carefully and check pumps!?

This urban myth surfaces every couple of years - don't freak out.

How do I clean a sewage spill?

PreparationPut on a pair of safety goggles, rubber gloves, waterproof work boots and long pants. Remove any pets or children from the area of the house or yard where the spill has occurred.Cleaning... Read More »

The Microorganisms Found in Sewage?

Microorganisms found in sewage originate from two sources--soil and sanitary waste. One milliliter of sewage typically contains between 100,000 and 1 million microorganisms, according to the Mounta... Read More »