What are seeds and peers in a torrent file?

Answer seeds have the complete file and are actively sharing ... peers are downloading the file and have part of it and usually are sharing pieces also ... high numbers of each are best for speed ... low ... Read More »

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What are peers in torrent?

Seeds are people with the entire file already. They are only uploading. Peers are others trying to download the file. They can exchange a part they have but you don't have for a part you have but t... Read More »

What does seeds,peers and leechers mean in torrents?

Seeders > uploaderLeechers >>> dowloadersPeers>>> how many ppl are downloadingand uploading .. i hope i helped.

Whats the difference between Peers & Seeds on Bitcomet?

Seeds have 100% of the file and is uploading the file to you for downloading. Peers only have a part of the file and are sharing with you the part(s) of the file you don't have...

What do seeds and leeches in torrent stand forWht do u mean by trackers?

Seeds are people who have already downloaded the complete file and remain connected so that others can download from them.Leeches are people who are still downloading the file. With bit torrents, y... Read More »