What are secured loans?

Answer When applying for a loan, banks and other financial institutions offer a variety of products to choose from, including secured loans. This type of borrowing uses collateral as a guarantee for repay... Read More »

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What is the difference between secured and usecured loans?

Secured means the loan is legally tied to, say, your house or your car. If you fail to pay, they get the house.Unsecured means it's merely your word that you will repay. If you fail to pay, they ... Read More »

How to Write Off Secured Loans?

Secured loans, or credit accounts secured with some sort of collateral (such as a car or home), are offered to all types of consumers. Common secured loans are auto loans and mortgages. However, pe... Read More »

Defining Secured & Unsecured Loans?

When creditors lend money, they look for reasonable assurance that the money will be paid back. A borrower's excellent credit history can help soothe the fears of the lender, especially if the loan... Read More »

Definition of Secured & Unsecured Loans?

Usually, a person acquires a loan to buy property, such as a car, or to pay off debt. But all loans are not the same. Some require collateral and some may be given unsecured.