Answer No I do not.

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How to Retrofit Seatbelts?

Not all cars come equipped with seat belts. If you collect classic cars, remodel old versions, or build your own, you will need to know how to retrofit seat belts to make the car safe and legal to ... Read More »

Why are there typically no seatbelts in a bus?

You get a star for using counterintuitive in your question! :)Many touring buses ARE actually equipped with belts.Public transit buses don't have them because there you can actually legally STAND ... Read More »

How big are airline seatbelts?

The average airplane seat belt length in the coach section of a U.S. commercial jet is 17 to 18½ inches. The belt length may increase in size if you move up to first class because those seats are ... Read More »

Why don't trains have seatbelts?

if you were in a train that crashed at say 40 miles an hour and you felt the crash that is too say what ever it hit didnt get pushed out of the way like a toy then the force of the weight of the tr... Read More »