What Were Seashells Used for in Ancient Times?

Answer Beachcombers value seashells for their beautiful shapes and colors, but these treasures were even more valuable to early civilizations. From early prehistory, shells served as a form of money, as d... Read More »

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How to Carve Seashells?

Similar in properties to both bone and delicate stone, seashells are a renewable carving medium that is good for beginners and experienced artisans alike. Carved shells are often seen transformed i... Read More »

How to Get Seashells in Neopets?

Neopets online virtual pet game offers you the option of collecting a variety of items. Players can collect stamps throughout the game and add them to their album. The album isn't just for stamps, ... Read More »

How to Clean Seashells?

A seashell will most likely be dirty and covered with algae and barnacles and some shells have an outer covering called periostracum. After you wash them, the shells will be beautiful.

How to Knit With Seashells?

You can incorporate a collection of beautiful small seashells gathered on a vacation beach into the edging of a knitted scarf if you know the basics of how to knit. Use a small rotary drill to cut ... Read More »