What are screen captures?

Answer Basically taking a snap shot of what is on your computer screen at a particular point in time. Look for a button on your keyboard called PrtSc - short for print screen and press this, then open a ... Read More »

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How to Use Snagit for Screen Captures?

Snagit screen shotSnagit is a screen capture software. Have you ever wanted to learn how to work Snagit? Here's how!

How to Paste Screen Captures Directly Into an HTML Formatted Email?

Please do note that this is the same way to put pictures on web pages using html.

What tool is most commonly used to analyze packet captures?

The packet sniffer application Wireshark is the most commonly used program for capturing and analyzing packets. Before 2006, Wireshark was known as Ethereal. Wireshark is open source and is avail... Read More »

Good but cheap game captures?

Roxio game cature card. It's right at 60 bucks