What is the skin on sausages made of?


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What can I do with Chinese sausages?

Chinese sausages called lap cheong is good in omelette. Chop the sausage in small cubes and mixed in beaten eggs and cooked as omelette. It's also good to mix with minced pork and steamed. It will ... Read More »

What goes well with sausages besides mash?

What are some ideas beyond the traditional sausages and steak on the bbq?

Kochie!!!#1 - For me, and I know this is a stigma for some, but SHRIMPS (lol prawns thank you) taste amazing on the barbie- especially loaded up with a puree of olive oil, chilli, garlic and lemon ... Read More »

What kind of food shall my boyfriend buy me when he visits England Sausages, Soda Bread etc.?

get a fatboys, there is nothing better than a fatty greasy fry up first thing in the morning, full english breakfast i think you would like that , also a huge bar of cadburies dairy milk chocolate.... Read More »