What are same Funny Facebook groups to join?

Answer 'i understand you're ghetto, but can you walk a little faster?'

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I need FUNNY and RANDOM facebook groups?

It's Not My Fault What You Said Can Be Misconstrued as A Sexual Innuendo, Facebook Has Made My Stalking 97% More Efficient, Anatidaephobia — the fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching y... Read More »

How to Join Groups on Facebook?

For people that are new to Facebook and may not know how to join groups/like pages. Here's how!

What are some funny groups or fan pages you have joined or become a fan of on Facebook?

Third grade lied, I never use cursiveNo it wasn't awkward until you said, "This is awkward." Now it's awkward.Don't complain about grading 140 essays this weekend, you assigned them.I also slept wi... Read More »

How to find/join groups on facebook?

Use the Search Box Type in What your looking for Hit Enter than On the Search Results Page Click on Groups and you can Find Groups Based on What you have Searched