What are rewritable DVDs used for?

Answer Blank DVDs come in two different formats: write-once and rewritable. Write-once DVDs are called DVD-R. This means that they are only for one-time usage. The data that you burn onto the DVD cannot b... Read More »

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What two metals are used to make DVDs?

DVDs are made up of many different materials. The two metals utilized to make DVDs are aluminum and gold. Other materials include plastics, such as polycarbonate and lacquer, and dyes made from pet... Read More »

How can I grab data dvds hd dvds video dvds into a blank dvdv disc?

What is a rewritable blank cd?

A rewritable blank CD, also known as a CD-RW, is a compact disc that you can write data on more than once. Between writes, the CD burner heats a phase-changing compound inside the disc to erase the... Read More »

Can DVDs be used in CD players?

DVDs cannot be used in CD players because the pits and lands on a DVD are too close together for the laser on a CD player to read. DVDs also require a laser with a shorter wavelength focused more c... Read More »